Mentorship Program

Psychiatrists, psychoanalytic candidates, residents and medical students are invited to participate in a one-year mentorship program sponsored by the American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry. The program is designed to offer support and guidance for mentees from a range of career stages.

Participants will be matched with mentors who are able to provide support in preferred areas of growth. Depending on the needs and capabilities of the mentorship pairs, contact may be in person, by phone, or through computer-based applications.

Examples of topics mentorship pairs might address include:
Writing/publishing/presenting at workshops
Careers in psychoanalytic research
Selection of a psychiatry residency program with a strong dynamic focus
Becoming a training analyst
Careers in education
Selection of a psychoanalytic institute
Conceptualizing and writing dynamic formulations
Managing simultaneous family and psychoanalytic training responsibilities
Freud Scholarship

To apply, e-mail the following information to Dr. Barry Fisher at

Mailing address
E-mail address
Phone number
Year of graduation or anticipated graduation from medical school or residency
Name of Medical School or Residency
Brief personal statement outlining your interests and possible areas of mentorship