The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 46, Number 4, Winter 2018

Editor: Richard Friedman
Deputy Editors: Cesar Alfonso and Jennifer Downey


Addressing the Complexity of Perfectionism in Clinical Practice – pp. 457
Joanna Cheek, David Kealy, Paul L. Hewitt, Samuel F. Mikail, Gordon L. Flett, Ariel Ko, and Mary Jia

Suicide and Self-Regulation in Narcissistic Personality Disorder – pp. 491
Elsa Ronningstam, Igor Weinberg, Mark Goldblatt, Mark Schechter, and
Benjamin Herbstman

Development of the CoMTAS-Conversational Model Therapy Adherence Scale – pp. 511
Shaun Halovic, Anthony Korner, Loyola McLean, Clare Chapman, Joan Haliburn, Janine, Stevenson, David Butt, Phillip Graham, Stephen Malloch, Tessa Phillips, and Russell Meares

Psychiatric Professionalism for the 21st Century – pp. 537
The Committee on Professionalism and Ethics, Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry

The Physical and the Emotional:  Case Report, Mixed-Methods Development and Discussion – pp. 549
Brandon C. Yarns, Kenneth B. Wells, Denise Fan, Norma Mtume, and Elizabeth Bromley

Brief Parent-Child Therapy of an Autistic-Spectrum Toddler – pp. 575
Jaysree Roberts and Jeffrey A. Atlas

The Anatomy of the Therapeutic Consultation:  Islands of Resilience – pp. 585
Milton Viederman

Edited by Ahron L. Friedberg

Apologia Pro Vita Mea:  An Intellectual Odyssey – pp. 601
By Richard D. Chessick
Reviewed by Gerald P. Perman

Evolution of a Medical Psychoanalyst:  Reflections and Selected Papers – pp. 606
By Myron L. Glucksman
Reviewed by Michael Blumenfield

Psychoanalysis:  Perspectives on thought Collectives, More Selected Papers – pp. 608
By Arnold Richards
Edited by Arthur Lynch
Reviewed by Nathan Szajnberg

Treating Trauma in Adolescents – pp. 613
By Martha B. Strauss
Reviewed by Thomas P. Kalman

INDEX to Volume 46 - pp. 617


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