The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 47, Number 2, Summer 2019

Editor: Richard Friedman
Deputy Editors: Cesar Alfonso and Jennifer Downey


Clinical Issues – pp 127
Richard C. Friedman, Marcia J. Kaplan, and Debra A. Katz

Some Comments on the Alternative Universe of the
  Trump Administration – pp 149
Graeme J. Taylor

Parallel Pains and Dynamic Dilemmas:  Psychodynamic Considerations
  in Approaching and Managing Chronic Physical Pain – pp 167
Xavier F. Jimenez

Changes in Personality Functioning After Inpatient Psychodynamic
  Therapy:  A Dimensional Approach to Personality Disorders – pp 183
Falk Leichsenring, Ulrich Jaeger, Oliver Masuhr, Andreas Dally,
Michael Dumpelmann, Christian Frick-Neef, Christiane Steinert, and
Carsten Spitzer

Moving and Reflective Functioning Under stress – pp 197
Michael T.M. Finn, Connor L. Smith, Lindsey C. McKernan,
And Michael R. Nash

Edited by Ahron L. Friedberg

Beyond Eden:  The Other Lives of Fine Arts Models – and the Meaning
of Medical Disrobing – pp 215
By David V. Forrest
Reviewed by Douglas Ingram

Core Concepts in Classical Psychoanalysis and Core Concepts in
  Contemporary Psychoanalysis (Volumes 77 and 78, Psychological
  Issues Book Series) – pp. 217
By Morris N. Eagle
Reviewed by Thomas P. Kalman

Thomas Szasz:  The Man and His Ideas – pp 220
By Jeffrey A. Schaler, Zvi Lothane, and Richard E. Vatz
Reviewed by Elizabeth K. Haase

Climate of Opinion: Sigmund Freud in Poetry – pp 225
Edited and With an Introduction by Irene Willis
Reviewed by Gemma Marangoni Ainslie

Group Analysis in the Land of Milk and Honey – pp 229
Edited by Robi Friedman and Yael Doron
Reviewed by Lucia Roitman and Ahron L. Friedberg


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