The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 48, Number 2, Summer 2020

Editor: Richard Friedman
Deputy Editors: César Alfonso and Jennifer Downey


In Memoram – iii

Traumas and their Consequences According to
  Control-Mastery Theory – pp 113
Ramona Fimiani, Francesco Gazzillo, Eleonora Fiorenza,
Martina Rodomonti, and George Silberschatz

Teaching Dream Interpretation to Psychiatric Residents – pp 140
Erik Goodwyn and Jessica Reis

Considering Psychodynamic Theory for Older Adults – pp 152
Tabina K. Chaudhury, Kendall C. John, Robert K. Garrett,
and Brian H. Stagner

Countertransference Processes in Psychodynamic Therapy
  with Dependent (Anaclitic) Depressed Patients:  A
  Qualitative Study Using Supervision Data – pp 163
Vicky Hennissen, Reitske Meganck, Kimberly van Nieuwenhove,
Juri Krivzov, Dries Dulsster, and Mattias Desmet

Response to Peter Olsson’s Critical Opinion Discussion of my
  Essay on “The Alternative Universe of the Trump
  Administration – pp 194
Graeme J. Taylor

Edited by Ahron L. Friedberg

The Organizational Life of Psychoanalysis – pp 201
By Kenneth Eisold
Reviewed by Klaus Schreiber, MD

The Way We Are:  How States of Mind Influence
  Our Identities, Personality, and Potential for Change – pp 214
By Frank W. Putnam
Reviewed by Richard A. Chefetz, MD

The Rabbit Effect:  Live Longer, Healthier and Happier
  The Groundbreaking Science of Kindness – pp 220
By Kelli Harding, MD
Reviewed by David V. Forrest, MD


The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 47, Number 2, Summer 2019

Editor: Richard Friedman
Deputy Editors: Cesar Alfonso and Jennifer Downey


Clinical Issues – pp 127
Richard C. Friedman, Marcia J. Kaplan, and Debra A. Katz

Some Comments on the Alternative Universe of the
  Trump Administration – pp 149
Graeme J. Taylor

Parallel Pains and Dynamic Dilemmas:  Psychodynamic Considerations
  in Approaching and Managing Chronic Physical Pain – pp 167
Xavier F. Jimenez

Changes in Personality Functioning After Inpatient Psychodynamic
  Therapy:  A Dimensional Approach to Personality Disorders – pp 183
Falk Leichsenring, Ulrich Jaeger, Oliver Masuhr, Andreas Dally,
Michael Dumpelmann, Christian Frick-Neef, Christiane Steinert, and
Carsten Spitzer

Moving and Reflective Functioning Under stress – pp 197
Michael T.M. Finn, Connor L. Smith, Lindsey C. McKernan,
And Michael R. Nash

Edited by Ahron L. Friedberg

Beyond Eden:  The Other Lives of Fine Arts Models – and the Meaning
of Medical Disrobing – pp 215
By David V. Forrest
Reviewed by Douglas Ingram

Core Concepts in Classical Psychoanalysis and Core Concepts in
  Contemporary Psychoanalysis (Volumes 77 and 78, Psychological
  Issues Book Series) – pp. 217
By Morris N. Eagle
Reviewed by Thomas P. Kalman

Thomas Szasz:  The Man and His Ideas – pp 220
By Jeffrey A. Schaler, Zvi Lothane, and Richard E. Vatz
Reviewed by Elizabeth K. Haase

Climate of Opinion: Sigmund Freud in Poetry – pp 225
Edited and With an Introduction by Irene Willis
Reviewed by Gemma Marangoni Ainslie

Group Analysis in the Land of Milk and Honey – pp 229
Edited by Robi Friedman and Yael Doron
Reviewed by Lucia Roitman and Ahron L. Friedberg


The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 46, Number 3, Summer 2018

Editor: Richard Friedman
Deputy Editors: Cesar Alfonso and Jennifer Downey


Training in Good Psychiatric Management for Borderline Personality Disorder in Residency:  An Aide to Learning Supportive Psychotherapy for Challenging to Treat Patients – pp. 181
Joel Bernanke and Benjamin McCommon

Psychodynamic Psychiatrists’ Experiences of Being Stalked – pp. 201
Douglas H. Ingram

Psychoanalytic Meta-Theory:  A Modern Ego Psychology View – pp. 220
Eric R. Marcus

How to Design and Equip a Mentalization-Based Play Therapy Room – pp. 240
Ulrich Ruth and Astrid Holch

Psychodrama and the Treatment of Narcissistic and Borderline Patients – pp. 252
Peter A. Olsson

The Suicidal-Depressive Position:  A Scientifically Informed Reformation – pp. 265
Golan Shahar

Journal Prize Announcement 2017 – pp. 294
Edited by Ahron L. Friedberg

The Marks of a Psychoanalysis – pp. 295
By Luis Izcovich
Reviewed by Gerald P. Perman

The Art of Jewish Pastoral Counseling:  A Guide for All Faiths – pp. 305
By Michelle Friedman and Rachel Yehuda
Reviewed by Sherry Katz-Bearnot

Contemporary Psychoanalysis and Modern Jewish Philosophy:  Two Languages of Love – pp. 308
By Michael Oppenheim
Reviewed by Ronald Turco

Stories from Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy:  A Curious Space – pp. 314
By Henry Kronengold
Reviewed by Susan. L. Rose

The Unconscious:  A Bridge Between Psychoanalysis and Cognitive Neuroscience – pp. 318
Edited by Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber, Simon Arnold, and Mark Solms
Reviewed by Klus Schreiber


The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 45, Number 2, Summer 2017

Editor: Richard Friedman
Deputy Editors: Cesar Alfonso and Jennifer Downey


Editorial:  Mental Health in Prisons – pp. 141
Richard C. Friedman

Psychodynamic Treatment of the Criminal Offender:  Making the
  Case for Longer-Term Treatment in a Longer-Term Setting – pp. 143
Abby L. Mulay, Elspeth Kelly, and Nicole M. Cain

Manifest Dream Content as a Predictor of Suicidality – pp. 175
Myron L. Glucksman and Milton Kramer

Differentiation Between Schizophreniform Configurations and
  Psychotic Personality Structures – pp. 187
Julie Dauphin

Psychodynamic Treatment of Combat Veterans with PTSD
  At Risk for Suicide – pp. 217
Herbert Hendin

An Integrative Approach to Treatment-Resistant
  Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – pp. 237
Luke Sy-Cherng Woon, Anita Kanapathy, Hazli Zakaria,
And César A. Alfonso

Borderline Patients:  25 to 50 Years Later:  With
  Commentary on Outcome Factors – pp. 259
Michael H. Stone

Letter to the Editor – pp. 297

Edited by Ahron L. Friedberg

The Sleep Revolution – Transforming Your Life One Night at a Time
By Arianna Huffington
Reviewed by Leah Davidson – pp. 301

The Voyeur’s Motel
By Gay Talese
Reviewed by David V. Forrest – pp. 304

Grief and Its Transcendence:  Memory, Identity, Creativity
Edited by Adele Tutter and Léon Wurmser
Reviewed by Peter G. Sack – pp. 308

Love in the Age of the Internet
Edited by Linda Cundy
Reviewed by Thomas P. Kalman – pp. 313

Playing and Reality Revisited:  A New Look at Winnicott’s
  Classic Work
Edited by Gennaro Saragnano and Christian Seulin
Reviewed by Cassandra M. Klyman – pp. 316

The Poet’s Voice in the Making of Mind
By Russel Meares
Reviewed by Harold Bronheim – pp. 323


The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 44, Number 2, Summer 2016

Editor: Richard Friedman
Deputy Editors: Cesar Alfonso and Jennifer Downey


Combining Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Pharmacotherapy - pp. 183
Jack M. Gorman

How Senior Psychodynamic Psychiatrists Regard Retirement – pp. 211
Douglas H. Ingram and John Stine

On Beginnings and Endings:  Reflections of an Early Career
  Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst – pp. 239
Aerin Hyun

The Emergency of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Treatment
  Resistant Patients:  Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy – pp. 245
Allan Abbass

Enactments in Psychoanalysis:  Therapeutic Benefits – pp. 281
Stanley Stern

A Cognitive-Developmental Model of Emotional Awareness and its
  Application to the Practice of Psychotherapy – pp. 305
Jasleen Chhatwal and Richard D. Lane


Loneliness and Longing:  Conscious and Unconscious Aspects – pp. 327
Edited by Brent Wilock, Lori C. Bohm, and Rebecca Coleman Curtis
Reviewed by Harold Bronheim

Reading Michael Balint:  A Pragmatic Clinician – pp. 329
By Hélène Oppenheim-Gluckman
Reviewed by Arnold Robbins

The Brain, the Mind and the Self – pp. 331
By Arnold Goldberg
Reviewed by Myron L. Glucksman

The Psychoanalytic Model of the Mind – pp. 336
By Elizabeth L. Auchincloss
Reviewed by Elizabeth K. Haase


The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 43, Number 2, Summer 2015

Editor: Richard Friedman
Deputy Editors: Cesar Alfonso and Jennifer Downey


Using Transference-Focused Psychotherapy Principles in the
  Pharmacotherapy of Patients with Severe Personality Disorders - pp. 181
Richard G. Hersh

Transference-Focused Psychotherapy Training During Residency:
  An Aide to Learning Psychodynamic Psychotherapy - pp. 201
Jennifer Bernstein, Matthew Zimmerman, and Elizabeth L. Auchincloss

Discussion of Transference-Focused Psychotherapy Training During Residency:
  An Aide to Learning Psychodynamic Psychotherapy - pp. 223
Joanna E. Chambers

“My Sister Tried to Kill Me”: Enactment and Foreclosure
  in a Mixed-Race Dyad - pp. 229
Teresa Mendez

Further Evidence of Self-Medication:  Personality Factors
  Influencing Drug Choice in Substance Use Disorders - pp. 243
Lindsey Colman McKernan, Michael R. Nash, William H. Gottdiener,
Scott E. Anderson, Warren E. Lambert, and Erika R. Carr

Multimodal Psychoanalytic and Dialectical Behavioral Approaches:
  A Case Study - pp. 277
Thomas N. Franklin and Maria Mouratidis

Invited Review of Becoming Freud:  The Makings of a Psychoanalyst - pp. 291
By Adam Phillips
Lois Breger


The New Psychology of Money – pp. 307
By Adrian Furnham
Reviewed by David V. Forrest

Myths of Termination:  What Patients Can Teach
  Psychoanalysts about Endings – pp. 311
By Judy Leopold Kantrowitz
Reviewed by Arnold Robbins

Identity and the New Psychoanalytic Explorations
  Of Self-Organization – pp. 313
By Mardi Horowitz
Reviewed by Marianne Horney Eckardt

Learnings about Emotions in Illness:  Integrating
Psychotherapeutic Teaching into Medical Education – pp. 316
Edited by Peter Shoenberg and Jessica Yakely
Reviewed by Milton Kramer

The Importance of Suffering:  The Value and Meaning
  Of Emotional Discontent – pp. 320
By James Davies
Reviewed by Crittenden E. Brookes

John W. Thompson:  Psychiatrist in the Shadow of the Holocaust – pp. 326
By Paul J. Weindling
Reviewed by Marianne Horney Eckardt



The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 42, Number 2, Summer 2014

Editor: Richard Friedman
Deputy Editors: Cesar Alfonso and Jennifer Downey


Therapeutic Interaction with an Older Personality Disordered Patient - pp. 151
Lawrence Josephs, Avihay Sanders, and Bernard S. Gorman

Editorial Comment on “Therapeutic Interaction with an Older Personality Disordered Patient” - pp. 173
Richard C. Friedman

Unmentalized Aspects of Panic and Anxiety Disorders- pp. 175
Fredric N. Busch and Larry S. Sandberg

Discussion of “Unmentalized Aspects of Panic and Anxiety Disorders” - pp. 197
Michael Robbins

Psychodynamic Therapies with Infants and Parents:
A Critical Review of Treatment Methods - pp. 203
Bjorn Salomonsson

Discussion of “Psychodynamic Therapies with Infants and Parents:
A Critical Review of Treatment Methods - pp. 235
Leon Hoffman

Integrating Psychosocial Concepts into Psychopharmacology Training: 
A Survey Study of Program Directors and Chief Residents - pp. 243
C. Jason Mallo, David L. Mintz, and KatieC. Lewis

Editorial Comment on “Integrating Psychosocial Concepts into Psychopharmacology Training: 
A Survey Study of Program Directors and Chief Residents ” - pp. 255
Richard C. Friedman

Eating Disorders and Attachment:  A Contemporary Psychodynamic Perspective - pp. 257
Giorgio A. Tasca and Louise Balfour

Discussion of “Eating Disorders and Attachment:  A Contemporary Psychodynamic Perspective”
Does the Attachment Model of Eating Disorders Indicate the Need for Psychodynamic Treatment - pp.277
Heather Thompson-Brenner

Visions - Hibiscus - p. 285
Joseph Silvio

How Clinicians Feel about Working in Therapy with Spouses of Dementia Patients - pp. 287
Douglas H. Ingram

Editorial Comment on “How Clinicians Feel about Working in Therapy with Spouses of Dementia Patients” - pp. 305
Richard C. Friedman

The American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry - pp. 307
Herbert Pardes

Edited by Joseph R. Silvio

The Examined Life:  How We Lose and Find Ourselves By Stephen Grosz - pp. 319
Reviewed by Mariam C. Cohen

The How-To Book for Students of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy By Sheldon Bach - pp. 321
Reviewed by Abby Altman

Restoring Mentalizing in Attachment Relationships:  Treating Trauma with Plain Old Therapy
By Jon G. Allen - pp. 324
Reviewed by Geoff Goodman

Women in Psychiatry:  Personal Perspectives
Edited by Donna M. Norris, Gaethra Jayaraon, and Annelle B. Primm - pp. 328
Reviewed by Clarice J. Kestenbaum

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Man:  Psychoanalysis and Masculinity
By Donald Moss - pp. 331
Reviewed by Arnold Robbins

Pathologies of the Mind/Body Interface:  Exploring the Curious Domain
of the Psychosomatic Disorders By Richard L. Kradin - pp. 32
Reviewed by Graeme J. Taylor





The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 41, Number 2, Summer 2013

Editor: Richard Friedman
Deputy Editors: Cesar Alfonso and Jennifer Downey

Special Issue:  Intimate Partner Violence
Guest Editor Alytia A. Levendosky


Editor’s Introduction to the Special Issue:  Intimate Partner Violence - pp. 183
Richard C. Friedman

Assessment and Psychotherapy with Women Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence:  Integrating Research and Practice - pp. 189
G. Anne Bogat, Antonia M. Garcia and Alytia A. Levendosky

Not Good Enough and On a Tether:  Exploring How Violent Relationships Impact Women’s Sense of Self - pp. 219
Shannon M. Lynch

Trauma Sequelae and Cortisol Levels in Women Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence - pp. 247
Archana Basu, Alytia A. Levendosky and Joseph S. Lonstein

Relational Trauma and Post-traumatic Stress Symptoms Among Pregnant Women - pp. 277
Alissa C. Huth-Bocks, Kylene Krause, Sarah Ahlfs-Dunn, Erin Gallagher and Syreeta Scott

The Intergenerational Transfer of Mother-Daughter Rick for Gender-Based Abuse - pp. 303
Laura Ann McCloskey

Intervention to Reduce Traumatic Stress Following Intimate Partner Violence:  An Efficacy Trial of the Moms’ Empowerment Program (MEP) - pp. 329
Sandra A. Graham-Bermann and Laura E. Miller

Drawing Conclusions:  An Intergenerational Transmission of Violence Perspective - pp. 351
Alytia A. Levendosky


The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 40, Number 2, Summer 2012

Editor: Richard Friedman
Deputy Editors: Cesar Alfonso and Jennifer Downey


Treatment Resistance and Psychodynamic Psychiatry:
Concepts Psychiatry Needs from Psychoanalysis - pp. 183
Eric Plakun

Freud:  Darkness and Vision - pp. 211
Louis Breger

The Adaptive Functions of Sexual Plasticity:
  The Suppression and Surreptitious Expression of Human Sociosexuality - pp. 243
Lawrence Josephs

Do Psychopharmacologists Speak to Psychotherapists?
  A Survey of Practicing Clinicians - pp. 275
Thomas P. Kalman, Victoria N. Kalman, and Roger Granet

Dream Analysis in the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
  of Borderline Patients - pp. 287
Michael H. Stone

Objective Measures of Subjective Experience:
  The Use of Therapist Notes in Process-Outcome Research - pp. 303
Wilma Bucci, Bernard Maskit, and Leon Hoffman

Edited by Joseph R. Silvio

Descent into Darkness, The Psychodynamics of Mental Illness:
  An Introduction and Illustration in the Form of a Novel - pp. 341
By RIchard D. Chessick
Reviewed by Gerald P. Perman

Change in Psychotherapy - A Unifying Paradigm - pp. 345
By The Boston Change Process Study Group
Reviewed by Louis B. Fierman

Personality and Psychopathology:
  Critical Dialogues with David Shapiro - pp. 348
Edited by Craig Piers
Reviewed by Stanley Palombo

The Red Book (also known as Liber Novus) - pp. 350
By C.G. Jung, Edited by Sonu Shamdasani
Reviewed by Thomas B. Kirsch

Treatment Resistance and Patient Authority:
  The Austen Riggs Reader - pp. 354
Edited by Eric M. Plakun
Reviewed by Marianne Horney Eckardt

Psychoanalysis and Motivational Systems:  A New Look - pp. 357
By Joseph D. Lichtenberg, Frank M. Lachmann, and James L. Fosshage
Reviewed by Mauricio Cortina

Psychoanalytic Technique Expanded:  A Textbook
  on Psychoanalytic Treatment - pp. 364
By Vamik D. Volkan
Reviewed by Ronald Turco

Psychoanalytic Technique Expanded:  A Textbook
  on Psychoanalytic Treatment - pp. 366
By Vamik D. Volkan
Reviewed by Thomas P. Kalman

The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 38, Number 2, Summer 2010

Editor:  Douglas H. Ingram


Guest Editor: Silvia W. Olarte

FRONTLINE – Cross Cultural Aspects of Beauty – pp. 199

Author(s): Silvia W. Olarte


The Beauty and the Beast Inside: The American Beauty – Does Cosmetic Surgery Help? – pp. 203
Author(s): Ruth Lijtmaer

Extreme Beauty: A Developmental Perspective on the Identity Formation of a Fashion Model – pp. 219
Author(s): David L. Lopez

Psychotherapy with a Narcissistic Playboy Facing the End of His Life: A Self-Psychology and Object Relations Perspective – pp. 229
Author(s): Eugenio M. Rothe

Is Beauty Skin Deep? The Impact of “Beautiful Attributes” on Life Opportunities and Interpersonal Relationships: A Tale of Two Sisters in South India– pp. 243
Author(s): Helen E. Ullrich

Africa Adorned: Body Image and Symbols of Physical Beauty – pp. 255
Author(s): Leah Davidson

Fragmented Testament: Letters Written by World War II Resisters Before Their Execution – pp. 261
Author(s): Anne Griffin and Jay Lefer

Commentary on “Fragmented Testament: Letters Written by World War II Resisters Before Their Execution” by Anne Griffin and Jay Lefer – pp. 285
Authors(s): Dori Laub

The Intersubjective and Cooperative Origins of Consciousness: An Evolutionary-Developmental Approach – pp. 291
Author(s): Mauricio Cortina and Giovanni Liotti

Unconscious Freedom and the Insight of the Analyst: Exploring Neuropsychological Processes Underlying “Aha” Moments – pp. 315
Author(s): Leanne Domash

Aggression, Containment, and Treatment Enactments in the Psychodynamics of Limit Setting – pp. 341
Author(s): Charles Henry


Edited by César Alfonso

Children in Genocide: Extreme Traumatization and Affect Regulation By Suzanne Kaplan – pp. 357
Reviewed by Marianne Horney Eckardt

The Anatomy of Evil BY Michael H. Stone – pp. 361
Reviewed by Richard C. Friedman

From Psychoanalytic Narrative to Empirical Single Case Research: Implications for Psychoanalytic Practice By Horst Kächele, Joseph Schacter and Helmut Thomä – pp. 363
Reviewed by Shila Hafter Gray]

Psychotherapy and Medication: The Challenge of Integration By Fredric N. Busch and Larry S. Sandberg – pp. 365
Reviewed by Jonathan Zuess

Envy and Gratitude Revisited Edited by Priscilla Roth and Alessandra Lemma – pp. 368
Reviewed by David L. Lopez

Is Your Child Bipolar? By Mary Ann McDonnell and Janet Wozniak, with Judy Fort Brenneman – pp. 371
Reviewed by Edmund C. Levin

Commitment and Healing: gay Men and the Need for Romantic Love By Richard A Isay – pp. 374
Reviewed by Joseph P. Merlino

The Quest for Power: Religion and Politics By Samuel Slipp – pp. 376
Reviewed by Marianne Horney Eckardt

The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 37, Number 2, Summer 2009

Editor:  Douglas H. Ingram, M.D.

SPECIAL SECTION – Today’s Dynamic Psychiatry
American Psychiatric Association Presidential Symposium
Guest Editor(s): Joseph P. Merlinio

FRONTLINE – Not Your Grandparents’ Psychoanalysis – pp. 241
Author(s): Katharine A. Stratigos

What Women Want: Psychodynamics of Women’s Sexuality in 2008 – pp. 253
Author(s): Jennifer I. Downey

Dynamic Psychopharmacology and Treatment Adherence – pp. 269
Author(s): César A. Alfonso

The Dynamic Psychiatrist: Internist of the Mind – pp. 287
Author(s): Silvia W. Olarte

Combined Psychotherapies: Searching for an Order of Operations in a Disordered World – pp. 299
Author(s): Sherry Katz-Bearnot

Implications of the Current Insolubility of the Mind-Brain Problem for the Contemporary Practice of Psychodynamic Psychiatry – pp. 315
Author(s): Richard D. Chessick

Delineating Prototypes of Training Psychotherapy – pp. 353
Author(s): David A. Weiss, Michele A. Schottenbauer, and Sheila Hafter Gray

A View From Riggs: Treatment Resistance and Patient Authority – X. From Acting Out to Enactment in Treatment Resistant Disorders – pp. 365
Author(s): M. Sagman Kayatekin, and Eric M. Plakun

News From the Field – pp. 383
Edited by Matthew Tolchin
Reported by Chester Jean


Edited by César A. Alfonso

Self-Psychology: An Introduction By Peter Lessem – pp. 393
Reviewed by Arash Javanbakht

The Struggle Against Mourning By Ilany Kogan – pp. 395
Reviewed by Jay Lefer

Overcoming Childhood Sexual Trauma. A Guide to Breaking Through the Wall of Fear for Practioners and Survivors By Sheri Oz and Sarah-Jane Ogiers – pp. 398
Reviewed by Nancy Joachim

Getting From Here to There: Analytic Love, Analytic Process By Sheldon Bach – pp. 400
Reviewed by Marianne Horney Eckardt

Poets On Prozac: Mental Illness, Treatment, and the Creative Process Edited by M. Berlin – pp. 403
Reviewed by Jay Lefer

The Road to Unity in Psychoanalytic Theory By Leo Rangell – pp. 405
Reviewed by Richard D. Chessick

Revolution In Mind: The Creation of Psychoanalysis By George Makari – pp. 411
Reviewed by Marianne Horney Eckardt

The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 36, Number 2, Summer 2008

Editor:  Douglas H. Ingram, M.D.

Introduction to “Reconciliation: The Continuing Role of Theory” by Leo Rangell and “American Psychoanalysis Today: Plurality of Orthodoxies” by Arnold M. Cooper – pp. 213
Author(s): Marianne Horney Eckardt

Reconciliation: The Continuing Role of Theory – pp. 217
Author(s): Leo Rangell

American Psychoanalysis Today: A Plurality of Orthodoxies – pp. 235
Author(s): Arnold M. Cooper

A Neural Network Model for Transference and Repetition Compulsion Based on Pattern Completion – pp. 255
Author(s): Arash Javanbakht and Charles L. Ragan

Autism, Asperger’s and Other Oddities… Thoughts about Treatment Approaches – pp. 279
Author(s): Clarice J. Kestenbaum

Attachment Theory and Multiple Integrated Treatments of Borderline Patients – pp. 295
Author(s): Giovanni Liotti, Mauricio Cortina, and Benedetto Farina

Living Within the Cellular Envelope: Subjectivity and Self From and Evolutionary Neuropsychoanalytic Perspective – pp. 317
Author(s): Harry R. Brickman

Commentary on “Living Within the Cellular Envelope: Subjectivity and Self From and Evolutionary Neuropsychoanalytic Perspective “ pp. 343
Author(s): Clay C. Whitehead

En Garde Against Traces Of Cartesianism – A Reply To Clay C. Whitehead – pp. 347
Author(s): Harry R. Brickman

A View From Riggs: Treatment Resistance ad Patient Authority – Introduction to Paper VII – pp. 351
Author(s): Eric M. Plakun, Series Editor

A view From Riggs: Treatment Resistance and Patient Authority – VII. A Team Approach to Treatment Resistance – pp. 353
Author(s): Sharon E. Krikorian and J. Christopher Fowler


The Treatment – pp. 375
Reviewed by Jules Bemporad


Lawrence M. Ginsburg – pp. 379


Edited by César A. Alfonso, M.D.

Comprehensive Textbook of AIDS Psychiatry Edited by Mary Ann Cohen and Jack M. Gorman – pp. 383
Reviewed by: Sherry Katz-Bearnot

The Edinburgh International Encyclopaedia of Psychoanalysis Edited by Ross M. Skelton – pp. 385
Reviewed by: Richard D. Chessick

Practical Psychoanalysis for Therapists and Patients By Owen Renik – pp. 390
Reviewed by: Clay C. Whitehead

Attachment and Intersubjectivity By Nicola Diamond and Mario Marrone – pp. 393
Reviewed by: Mauricio Cortina

Organization in the Mind: Psychoanalysis, Group Relations and Organizational Consultancy By David Armstrong, Edited by Robert French – pp. 399
Reviewed by: Kevin Healy

The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 35, Number 2, Summer 2007

Editor:  Douglas H. Ingram, M.D.

CONTENTS: The Meanings of Medication: Issues of Patient Compliance with Psychotropic Drugs, from the Joint Symposium of The American Psychiatric Association and The American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry

FRONTLINE – Psychotherapy and Pharmacotherapy – pp. 173

Author(s):  Jose L. Gonzalez de Rivera

The Costs of Compliance – pp. 179
Author(s):  Eve Leeman

Poison or Cure: Meanings of Medication in Schizophrenia – pp. 189
Author(s):  Paul J. Rosenfield

Be Careful What You Wish For: Going Beyond Compliance – pp. 203
Author(s):  Jeffrey Rubin

Transference and Countertransference to Medication and its Implications for Ego Function
– pp. 211
Author(s):  Eric R. Marcus


A View From Riggs: Treatment Resistance and Patient Authority-Introduction to Paper IV
– pp. 219
Author(s):  Eric M. Plakun, Series Editor

A View From Riggs: Treatment Resistance and Patient Authority-IV: Why the Pair Needs the Third – pp. 221
Author(s):  John P. Muller

Sugar and Spice and Puppy Dogs’ Tails: The Psychodynamics of Bullying -  pp. 243
Author(s):  Ann Ruth Turkel

Progression from Oral Oedipal Themes: A Defense Against Experiences of Object Loss
– pp. 259
Author(s):  Juliet M. Ross

Discussion of Ross’s “Progression From Oral to Oedipal Themes: A Defense Against Experiences of Object Loss” – An Alternative Paradigm - pp. 279
Author(s):  Althea J. Horner

The Primacy of Psychoanalytic Intervention in Recovery from the Psychoses and Schizophrenias
– pp. 287
Author(s):  Patricia L. Gibbs

The Efficacy of Psychoanalysis and the Analytic Therapies: Reflections of a Psychoanalyst and her Former Patients – pp. 313
Author(s):  Barbara Young
Preface by Marianne H. Eckardt – pp. 313


Edited by César A. Alfonso, M.D.

Dealing with Resistance in Psychotherapy – pp. 335
By:  Althea J. Horner
Reviewed by:  Douglas Ingram

Psychological Aspects of Women’s Health Care: the Interface Between Psychiatry and Obstetrics
and Gynecology, 2nd Edition – pp. 337
Edited By: Nada L. Stotland and Donna E. Stewart
Reviewed By: Cassandra M. Klyman

The Annual of Psychoanalysis, Vol. XXX: Rethinking Psychoanalysis and the Homosexualities
Edited By: Jerome A. Winer
Reviewed By: Clay C. Whitehead

The Future of Psychoanalysis
By: Richard D. Chessick
Reviewed By: Ronald Turco

The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 34, Number 2, Summer 2006

Editor: Douglas H. Ingram, M.D.


Psychoanalysis and Ethics—Relevant Then, Essential Now – pp. 231
Author(s): Joseph P. Merlino

Changes in Manifest Dream Affect During Psychoanalytic Treatment – pp. 249
Author(s): Milton Kramer and Myron L. Glucksman

Silent Scream: The Cost of Crucifixion—Working With a Patient with an Eating Disorder – pp. 261
Author(s): Marilyn Charles

Cognitive Development, Memory, Trauma, Treatment: An Integration of Psychoanalytic and Behavioral Concepts in Light of Current Neuroscience Research – pp. 287
Author(s): Jeffrey Hutterer and Miriam Liss

The Relevance of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy to Understanding Therapist-Patient sexual Abuse and Treatment of Survivors – pp. 303
Author(s): Rivka Yahav and Sheri Oz

The Critical Effect of Object Loss in the Development of Episodic Manic Illness – pp. 333
Author(s): James W. Hamilton

A View From Riggs—Treatment Resistance and Patient Authority: I. A Psychodynamic Perspective on Treatment Resistance – pp. 349
Author(s): Eric M. Plakun

Delusion, Narrative, and Affects – pp. 367
Author(s): Adolfo Pazzagli


Edited by César A. Alfonso, M.D.

My Life in Theory – pp. 377
By: Leo Rangell
Reviewed by: Harold Bronheim, M.D.

Attachment Theory and the Psychoanalytic Process. – pp. 380
Edited by: Mauricio Cortina and Mario Marrone
Reviewed by: Crittenden E. Brookes

Rereading Freud: Psychoanalysis Through Philosophy – pp. 383
Edited by: Jon Mills
Reviewed by: Richard D. Chessick, M.D., Ph.D.

A Developmental Model of Borderline Personality Disorder: – pp. 385
By: Patricia Hoffman Judd, Ph.D., and Thomas H. McGlashan, M.D.
Reviewed by: Richard D. Chessick, M.D., Ph.D.

Transforming Depression: Healing the Soul through Creativity – pp. 388
By: David Rosen
Reviewed by: Marianne Eckardt, M.D.

The Texture of Treatment: Psychoanalytic Technique – pp. 391
By: Herbert J. Schlesinger
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Reading Psychoanalysis. Freud, Rank, Ferenczi, Groddeck, by Peter L. Rudnytsky - pp. 416
Reviewed by: Aleksandar Dimitrijevic

The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 32, Number 2, Summer 2004

FRONTLINE Matthew Tolchin – pp. 255


Some Comments on the Nature and Use of the Concept of Psyche in Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy – pp. 259
Author(s) Crittenden E. Brooks

Orthodox Judaism and Psychoanalysis: Toward Dialogue and Reconciliation – pp.267
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37-Year Treatment – pp.287
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Edited by Howard A. Bacal
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The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 31, Number 2, Summer 2003

FRONTLINE - the Affirmation of a Religious (Not Merely Spiritual!) Orientation in Clinical Treatment; Mariam Cohen – pp. 269


Psychoanalysis Across Civilizations: A Personal Journey – pp. 275
Author(s): Alan Roland
Interview Criteria for Assessing Allegations of Sexual Abuse in Children and Adults – pp. 297
Author(s): Richard A. Gardner

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In Search of the Poetic Analyst – pp. 397
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Reviewed By: Mark R. Novick

On Freud’s “ Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego” – pp. 421
Edited By: Ethel Spector Person
Reviewed By: Samuel Slipp

The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 30, Number 2, Summer 2002

FRONTLINE - Writing Psychoanalytic Case Reports: Safeguarding Privacy While Preserving Integrity; Cesar A. Alfonso - pp. 165


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Author(s): Ellen Pinsky
Behind, Beneath, Above, and Beyond: The Historical Unconscious - pp. 211
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Historicity, Humanity, and the Analytic Exercise: Reply to Commentaries by Drs. Palombo and Horner - pp. 235
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“Mortal Gifts: A Two-Part Essay on the Therapist’s Mortality” - By: Ellen Pinsky - pp. 209
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The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 29, Number 2, Summer 2001


Perversion: Erotic Form of Hatred or Exciting Avoidance of Reality? pp. 195
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Patterns of Patient Disclosure in Psychotherapy pp. 213
Author(s): Desnee A. Hall and Barry A. Farber

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A Cost-Effective Psychoanalytic Treatment of a Severely Disturbed Woman pp. 245
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Life and Death in the Nursery: A Soft Sell for Hard Lessons pp. 265
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American Psychoanalysts Who Influenced Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey into Nigh pp. 305
Author(s): Ann-Louise S. Silver

Parents’ Perceptions of the Effects of Their Child’s Therapy pp. 319
Author(s): Barry A. Farber and Debra Nevas

Child Serial Murder-Psychodynamics: Closely Watched Shadows pp. 331
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Altruism and the Hypothesis of Meta-Selection in Human Evolution pp. 339
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The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 28, Number 2, Summer 2000


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Author(s): Slipp, Samuel

Psychopathology: Biological and Psychological Correlates, pp. 203
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The Right Hemisphere and Psychopathology, pp. 371
Author(s): Wasserstein, Jeanette; Stefanatos, Gerry A

The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 27, Number 2, Summer 1999

ARTICLE: The Patient Who Assumed His Analyst’s Identity pp. 177
AUTHOR(S): Goldberg, Carl

ARTICLE: Repetition of the Mother-Infant Dyad and the Process of Dying in the Psychotherapy of an HIV-Positive Man pp. 191
AUTHOR(S): Rosiers, Pascale Des

ARTICLE: The Relationship of Repression to Reality Testing in Adult Women Who Report Childhood Abuse pp. 205
AUTHOR(S): Farber, Barry A; Sacco, Marie

ARTICLE: Epigenesis and Sexual Orientation: A Report of Five Bisexual Males pp. 221
AUTHOR(S): Bemporad, Jules R

ARTICLE: Dynamic Psychotherapy and the Disabled Psychiatrist pp. 239
AUTHOR(S): Chaudhuri, Robert M

ARTICLE: Unresolved Problems in the Dream of Irma’s Injection pp. 253
AUTHOR(S): Kramer, Milton

ARTICLE: Mask and Steel: Mishima-When Life Imitates Art pp. 265
AUTHOR(S): Turco, Ronald

ARTICLE: COMMENTARY - Medieval Antecedents of the Therapeutic Alliance pp. 275
AUTHOR(S): Schwartz, Scott C

ARTICLE: COMMENTARY - Is There a Future in Disillusion? Constructionist and Deconstructionist Approaches in Psychoanalysis pp. 285
AUTHOR(S): Carveth, Donald L

ARTICLE: BOOK REVIEWS - The Talking Cures: The Psychoanalyses and the Psychotherapies pp. 319
AUTHOR(S): Wallerstein, Robert S;
Chessick, Richard D

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AUTHOR(S): Brockman, Richard; Slipp, Samuel

The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 26, Number 2, Summer 1998

ARTICLE: Of Stories, Analytic Therapy, and George Eliot pp. 183
AUTHOR(S): Ingram, Douglas H

ARTICLE: Altered States of Consciousness in the Analyst pp. 197
AUTHOR(S): Glucksman, Myron L

ARTICLE: Creativity in the Psychoanalytic Process pp. 209
AUTHOR(S): Chessick, Richard D

ARTICLE: Sandor Ferenczi, The Grandfather of Family Therapy pp. 223
AUTHOR(S): Slipp, Samuel

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AUTHOR(S): Theodore, Mary E

ARTICLE: Civic Denial and the Memory of War pp. 255
AUTHOR(S): Schafft, Gretchen

ARTICLE: Trauma, Dissociation, and Somatization: A Self-Psychological Perspective pp. 273
AUTHOR(S): Miliora, Maria T

ARTICLE: Posttotalitarian Personality: Old Internal Objects in a New Situation pp. 295
AUTHOR(S): Sebek, Michael

ARTICLE: Mother, the All-Powerful: An Examination of Childhood and Mythological Fantasy pp. 311
AUTHOR(S): Mohacsy, Ildiko

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ARTICLE: Oscar Wilde: A Long and Lovely Suicide pp. 323
AUTHOR(S): Knox, Melissa; Lothane, Zvi

The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 25, Number 2, Summer 1997

ARTICLE: The Aesthetic Aspects of Psychoanalysis pp. 189
AUTHOR(S): Szajnberg, Nathan M

ARTICLE: In Electra’s Voice: Gilligan’s Debt to Freud pp. 211
AUTHOR(S): Kruger, Arnold

ARTICLE: Malignant Eroticized Countertransference pp. 219
AUTHOR(S): Chessick, Richard D

ARTICLE: Institutional Countertransference: The Matrix of Social Structure and Psychic Structure pp. 237
AUTHOR(S): Eisenberg, Allan M

ARTICLE: Moral Values: Development and Gender Influences pp. 255
AUTHOR(S): Morrison, Nancy K; Severino, Sally K

ARTICLE: Time Compressed: Psychoanalysis in the Days of HIV and AIDS pp. 277
AUTHOR(S): Olsson, Peter A

ARTICLE: The Hospital Ethics Committee: A Role for the Contemporary Psychoanalyst pp. 295
AUTHOR(S): Merlino, joseph P

ARTICLE: A Model for Dealing with Countertransference in First-Year Psychiatric Residents pp. 307
AUTHOR(S): Caracci, Giovanni; Stam, Madeleine

ARTICLE: Interminable Analysis? pp. 313
AUTHOR(S): Bloom, Victor

ARTICLE: Further Reflections on Creativity and Personal Growth: Sculpture and Poetry pp. 317
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ARTICLE: Freud Scientifically Appraised: Testing the Theories and Therapy pp. 339
AUTHOR(S): Fiss, Harry

The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 24, Number 2, Summer 1996

ARTICLE: Impasse and Failure in Psychoanalytic Treatment pp. 193
AUTHOR(S): Chessick, R D
ARTICLE: Panic Disorder: A Bioself-Psychological Perspective pp. 217
AUTHOR(S): Miliora, M T; Ulman, R B

ARTICLE: Psychoanalytic Treatment of Chronic Pain: The Body Speaks on Multiple Levels pp. 257
AUTHOR(S): Perlman, S D

ARTICLE: The Inner World in the Outer World: The Phenomenology of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder from a Psychoanalytic Perspective pp. 273
AUTHOR(S): Emery, P

ARTICLE: Who Are the Irmas and What are the Narratives? pp. 293

ARTICLE: William James and Gertrude Stein: Psychology Affecting Literature pp. 321
AUTHOR(S): Silver, A-L

ARTICLE: Reproductive Loss: Barriers to Psychoanalytic Treatment pp. 341
AUTHOR(S): Leon, I G

ARTICLE: Caring for the Psyche: Classical Origins and Modern Paradigms pp. 353
AUTHOR(S): Bemporad, J R

ARTICLE: The Rhetorical Voice of Psychoanalysis pp. 365
AUTHOR(S): Spence, Donald P; Magid, B

ARTICLE: Psychoanalysis and Ethics pp. 368
AUTHOR(S): Wallwork, Ernest; Berger, M M

ARTICLE: Protocols for the Sex-Abuse Evaluation pp. 372
AUTHOR(S): Gardner, Richard A; Rand, R

ARTICLE: Psychosomatics, Psychoanalysis, and Inflammatory Disease of the Colon pp. 374
AUTHOR(S): Hogan, Charles C; Taylor, G J

ARTICLE: Men, Women, Passion and Power: Gender Issues in Psychotherapy pp. 378
AUTHOR(S): Maguire, Marie; Turkel, A R

ARTICLE: Jonathan pp. 381
AUTHOR(S): Crocker, Jonathan; Gadpaille, W J

The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 23, Number 2, Summer 1995

ARTICLE: Psychodynamics and Neurobiology: An Integrated Approach pp. 179
AUTHOR(S): Glucksman, M L

ARTICLE: The Social “Instinct” pp. 197
AUTHOR(S): Hoffman, N

ARTICLE: The Application of Psychotherapeutic and Self Psychology Principles to Hostage Negotiations pp. 207
AUTHOR(S): Feldmann, T B; Johnson, P W

ARTICLE: The Moral Perspective and the Psychoanalytic Quest pp. 223
AUTHOR(S): Sherman, N

ARTICLE: The Psychoanalytic Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis Revisited pp. 243
AUTHOR(S): Chessick, R D

ARTICLE: Psychoanalysis and Empirical Research: The Example of Patients Who Lack Psychological Mindedness pp. 263
AUTHOR(S): Taylor, G J

ARTICLE: Value Issues Involving Western Psychoanalysts with Asian Patients pp. 283
AUTHOR(S): Roland, A

ARTICLE: “The ‘Bad Mother’ Freud Has Never Seen”: Otto Rank and the Birth of Object-Relations Theory pp. 293
AUTHOR(S): Kramer, R

ARTICLE: George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion: A Creative Response to Loss after Early Childhood Trauma pp. 323
AUTHOR(S): Silvio, J R

ARTICLE: Multilateral Transference Relationship and Therapeutic Regression - A Case Report pp. 335
AUTHOR(S): Silverman, S E; Rotenberg, C T

ARTICLE: The Impact of Contemporary Genetics on Psychoanalysis pp. 353
AUTHOR(S): Rainer, J D

The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 22, Number 2, Summer 1994

ARTICLE: Post Structuralist Interpretation of the Psychoanalytic Relationship pp. 175
AUTHOR(S): Ingram, D. H.
ARTICLE: An Integrated Conception of the Psychology and Biology of Superego Development pp. 195
AUTHOR(S): Zuelzer, M.; Maas, J. W.

ARTICLE: Incest: Transference and Countertransference Implications pp. 211
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ARTICLE: Women Treating Men: Interview Data from Female Psychotherapists pp. 231
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ARTICLE: Gender, Patriarchy, and Women’s Mental Health: Psychoanalytic Perspectives pp. 259
AUTHOR(S): Olfman, S.

ARTICLE: The Dilemma of Suicide in Psychoanalytic Practice pp. 273
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ARTICLE: Impact of Sexual Trauma on Gender Identity and Sexual Object Choice pp. 283
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ARTICLE: Eating Disorders, Female Psychology, and the Self pp. 299
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ARTICLE: Training of a Psychiatrist-Psychologist pp. 343
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BOOK REVIEW: Creative Characters by Elisabeth Young-Bruehl pp. 358
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The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 21, Number 2, Summer 1993

ARTICLE: Insight, Empathy, and Internalization: Elements of Clinical Change. pp. 163
AUTHOR(S): Glucksman, M. L.

ARTICLE: Freud’s Brain: Toward a Unified Neuropsychodynamic Model of Personality and Psychotherapy. pp. 183
AUTHOR(S): Miller, L.

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ARTICLE: The Application of the Core Conflictual Relationship Theme Method to Japanese Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. pp. 229
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ARTICLE: What Constitutes Our Understanding of a Patient? pp. 253
AUTHOR(S): Chessick, R. D.

ARTICLE: Separation-Individuation Issues in Sister Transference. pp. 273
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ARTICLE: Ferenczi, RN, and the Struggle for Equal Ground. pp. 291
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BOOK REVIEW: Turning Points in Analytic Therapy: The Classic Cases by Gerald Schoenewolf. pp. 325
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The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 20, Number 2, Summer 1992

ARTICLE: Incest, Freud’s Seduction Theory, and Borderline Personality. pp. 167
AUTHOR(S): Stone, M. H.

ARTICLE: Stress in the Personal and Professional Development of a Psychoanalyst. pp. 183
AUTHOR(S): Buechler, S.

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ARTICLE: Fromm’s Concept of Biophilia. pp. 233
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The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 19, Number 2, Summer 1991

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COMMENT: A Comment on “A Psychophysiologic Perspective on Affect and Psychotherapy”. pp. 334
AUTHOR(S): Glucksman, M. L.

The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 18, Number 2, Summer 1990


ARTICLE: Sex, Intimacy, and the Aging Process. pp. 185
AUTHOR(S): Kaplan, H. S.

ARTICLE: Preoedipal Factors in “Little Hans”. pp. 206
AUTHOR(S): Joseph, D. I.

ARTICLE: From Idealization to Ideal—from Attachment to Identification: The Female Analyst and the Female Patient. pp. 223
AUTHOR(S): Horner, A. J.

ARTICLE: Depression: Variability of Intrapsychic and Sleep Parameters. pp. 233
AUTHOR(S): Greenberg, R.; Pearlman, C.; Blacher, R.; Katz, H.; Sashin, J.; Gottlieb, P.

ARTICLE: Tola Rank. pp. 247
AUTHOR(S): Roazen, P.

ARTICLE: The Evolutionary Functions of Repression and the Ego Defenses. pp. 260
AUTHOR(S): Nesse, R. M.

ARTICLE: Implications of an Evolutionary Metapsychology for Clinical Psychoanalysis. pp. 286
AUTHOR(S): Lloyd, A. T.

ARTICLE: The Dual Meaning of Repression and the Adaptive Design of the Human Psyche. pp. 307
AUTHOR(S): Slavin, M. O.

ARTICLE: Compassion and Altruism in Psychoanalytic Theory: An Evolutionary Analysis of Self Psychology. pp. 342
AUTHOR(S): Kriegman, D.

ARTICLE: Is the Oedipus Complex a Darwinian Adaptation? pp. 368
AUTHOR(S): Badcock, C. R.

BOOK REVIEW: The Variety of Dream Experience, edited by Montague Ullman and Claire Limmer. pp. 378
AUTHOR(S): Briggs, J. P.

BOOK REVIEW: Dream Fulfillment, by M. C. Gear, E. C. Liendo, L. L. Scott, with F. Reyna. pp. 380
AUTHOR(S): Roth, N.

BOOK REVIEW: A Narrative Textbook of Psychoanalysis, by Peter L. Giovacchini. pp. 381
AUTHOR(S): Drellich, M. G

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