The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 46, Number 1, Spring 2018

Editor: Richard Friedman
Deputy Editors: Cesar Alfonso and Jennifer Downey


Race in Supervision:  Let’s Talk About It – pp. 1
Cathy R. Schen and Alecia Greenlee

Preliminary Data About the Validation of a Self-Report
  for the Assessment of Interpersonal Guilt:  The Interpersonal
  Guilt Rating Scales-15s (IGRS-15s) – pp. 23
Francesco Gazzillo, Bernard Gorman, Emma De Luca, Filippo Faccini,
  Marshall Bush, George Silberschatz, and Nino Dazzi

Psychodynamic Psychiatry in the 21st Century:  Constructing
  a Comprehensive Science of Experience – pp. 49
Yakov Shapiro

Resilience, Trauma and Coping – pp. 81
Ahron Friedberg and Dana Malefakis

Psychoanalysis Today – A Pseudoscience?  A Critique of the
  Arbitrary Nature of Psychoanalytic Theories and Practice – pp. 115
Siegfried Zepf

Redefining Identity after Trauma or Loss – pp. 135
Mardi Horowitz

The Role of Psychoeducation in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy – pp. 145
Fredric N. Busch and Elizabeth L. Auchincloss

Edited by Ahron L. Friedberg

Marijuana and Mental Health
Edited by Michael T. Compton
Reviewed by Kareem Ghalib – pp. 165

Disordered Personalities and Crime:  An Analysis of the
  History of Moral Insanity
By David W. Jones
Reviewed by Sergio Dazzi – pp. 169

The Budapest School of Psychoanalysis:  The Origin of a
  Two-Person Psychology and Emphatic Perspective
Edited by Arnold W. Rachman
Reviewed by Thomas P. Kalman – pp. 173

Finding the Body in the Mind:  Embodied Memories,
  Trauma an Depression
By Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber
Reviewed by Kathryn J. Zerbe – pp. 176


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