The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 43, Number 3, Fall 2015

Editor: Richard Friedman
Deputy Editors: Cesar Alfonso and Jennifer Downey


Editorial:  Shrinks:  The Untold Story of Psychiatry
  By Jeffrey A. Lieberman,M.D., with Ogi Ogas:  A Critical Discussion – pp. 331
  Richard C. Friedman

Assessing Psychodynamic Conflict - pp. 349
  Joshua Simmonds, Prometheas Constantinides,
  J. Christopher Perry, Martin Drapeau, and
  Amanda R. Sheptycki

How Clinicians Feel about Working with Spouses
  of the Chronically Ill – pp 378
  Douglas H. Ingram

Essential Psychoanalysis:  Toward a Re-Appraisal of the
  Relationship between Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychotherapy – pp. 396
  Bhaskar Sripada

Contemporary Cognitive Behavior Therapy; A Review of
  Theory, History and Evidence – pp. 423
  Nathan Thoma, Brian Pilecki and Dean McKay

Cognitive Behavioral and Psychodynamic Therapies:
  Points of Intersection and Divergence – pp 463
  Brian Pilecki, Nathan Thoma, and Dean McKay

Visions:  Red-Tailed Hawk – p 491
  Joseph R. Silvio

Edited by Joseph R. Silvio

Traumatic Ruptures:  Abandonment and Betrayal
  in the Analytic Relationship – pp. 493
  Edited by Robin A. Deutsch
  Reviewed by Marianne H Eckardt

Religion in Human Evolution – pp. 495
  By Robert N. Bellah
  Reviewed by Gregory C. Mahr

Listening to Trauma:  Conversations with Leaders in
  the Theory and Treatment of Catastrophic Experience – pp. 498
  By Cathy Caruth
  Reviewed by Anne Skomorowsky

Creating an Analytic Mind:  A Psychoanalytic
  Method and theory – pp. 501
  By Fred Busch
  Reviewed by Cassandra M. Klyman

From Classical to Contemporary Psychoanalysis:
  A Critique and Integration – pp. 507
  By Morris N. Eagle
  Reviewed by Crittenden E. Brookes


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