The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 27, Number 3, Fall 1999

ARTICLE: - Emotional Intelligence and the Emotional Brain: Points of Convergence and, Implications for Psychoanalysis pp. 339
AUTHOR(S): Taylor, Graeme J; Parker, James D A; Bagby, R Michael

ARTICLE: - They Shall Wear Fringes pp. 355
AUTHOR(S): Sugar, Max

ARTICLE: - Edward O Wilson’s Consilience: Can Our Knowledge Be Unified? pp.371
AUTHOR(S): Forrest, David V

ARTICLE: - Dissociation, Repetition-Compulsion, and the Art of Frida Kahlo pp. 387
AUTHOR(S): Feldman, Gail Carr

ARTICLE: - Freud, Religion, and Science pp. 397
AUTHOR(S): Rice, Emanuel

ARTICLE: - Feedback in Dynamic Psychotherapy: Clinical Applications pp. 407
AUTHOR(S): Berger, Milton M

ARTICLE: - The Angel of Dreams: Toward an Ethnology of Dream Interpreting pp. 417
AUTHOR(S): Wax, Murray L

ARTICLE: - The Itch Toward Objectivism: A Discussion of the Analyst’s Need to Find Solid Ground pp. 431
AUTHOR(S): Klugman, David

ARTICLE: - Bargains, Treaties, and Delusions pp. 451
AUTHOR(S): Waska, Robert T

ARTICLE: - Unconscious Communication: Communicative Psychoanalysis and Subliteral Cognition pp. 471
AUTHOR(S): Haskell, Robert E

COMMENTARY - From Divergence to Convergence in American Psychoanalysis: The Influence of Freud’s Background on the Splitting of the Psychoanalytic Movement pp. 503
AUTHOR(S): Slipp, Samuel

COMMENTARY - Passionate Love pp. 515
AUTHOR(S): Chessick, Richard D

BOOK REVIEW - A Concise Guide to Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Principles andTechniques in the Era of Managed Care (2nd ed) by Robert J. Ursano, Stephen Sonneberg, and Susan G. Lazar pp. 523
AUTHOR(S): Friedman, Richard C

BOOK REVIEW - The Therapeutic Alliance by W. W.Meissner pp. 524
AUTHOR(S): Chessick, Richard D

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