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In 2017, on a suggestion from John Tamerin, Academy president Jennifer Downey appointed a task force to consider if and how the Academy might offer support services to its members and perhaps to psychiatrists, generally.

The first effort of the Task Force was to see whether psychiatric associations support their members. From its survey of psychiatric associations in the U.S. and internationally, the group determined that with few exceptions our professional associations do not regard support of their members as within their purview.

The Task Force proposed that the Academy’s home page provide a section provisionally entitled Resources for Psychiatrist Support. Acknowledging that this is an ambitious project, the group listed numerous topics, and—importantly—narratives or personal accounts of psychiatrists who wish to write about their own stressful circumstances and how they managed.

The proposal was well-received by Executive Council and the group was encouraged subsequently by Gerald Perman, the current Academy president to operationalize our proposal.

Our thanks to Jackie Coleman, Executive Director, and Marie Westlake,for their wise council and support.

Douglas H. Ingram, M.D., Program Chair

Kimberly Best, M.D.

Norman Andrew Clemens, M.D.

Mariam Cohen, M.D.

Anna Dickerman, M.D.

Debra Katz, M.D.

Silvia Olarte, M.D.

Paulina Reiss, M.D.

Eugenio Rothe, M.D.

Marina Rozenberg, M.D.

Scott Schwartz, M.D.

Ann Louise Silver, M.D.

John Tamerin, M.D.

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