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Support is available from and from the blog Additionally, there are several psychiatry support groups available on Facebook. All are closed groups. To join, one needs to be invited or submit a request to join. Verification of identity as a psychiatrist is necessary.

We note that Facebook groups often have posts that are self-identified as "venting" after a bad session/shift/week. Support, validation, and varied suggestions are offered, responses that may buffer against burnout and discouragement. People often solicit career advice from the "hive mind" about whether to leave a job, how to negotiate, how much payment is realistic, how to handle work-related conflict, and similar matters. Instances of gender discrimination is a common topic. Cultural or racial discrimination appears, but less frequently. There is usually a spectrum of perspectives, but generally some broad consensus. Responses tend to be prompt and warm and often available around-the-clock. Occasionally more personal issues are discussed, and anonymous posting through the site administrator is possible. More serious issues may be managed back-channel by administrators who may guide subscribers to treatment.  Following is a list of Facebook spaces for psychiatrists (subject to change). The above is subject to change.

  • Psychiatry Network 6.7 K members. This a closed group of psychiatrists and psychiatric residents only. 
  • Women's Psychiatry Group 3.2 K members is a group of only women psychiatrists, including fellows but not residents. 
  • Women in Academic Psychiatry group  119 members.
  • Psychiatry for All Physicians 1.2 K members for all physicians.
  • Private Practice Psychiatry 396 members, private.

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