How to Contribute Personal Accounts, References, and Articles

We welcome submissions of personal accounts that address areas of stress to which psychiatrists are subject—professional or personal. We will assist in preparing material for posting. Personal narratives are posted anonymously and, if necessary, disguised to protect the author's privacy. Authors need to approve the actual text that is to appear on the website and acknowledge awareness that the website is available for public viewing.

Additionally, we welcome contributions that may include updates of what we already offer such as blogs, websites, and articles, or links to articles that address areas fraught with stresses that psychiatrists—within and without their professional roles. Permission is required for material that is under copyright. Among our areas of interest include the stressful experience of ethical concerns, the immigrant psychiatrist, managed care, pregnancy, suicide of patients or colleagues, military psychiatry, prison psychiatry, workplace abuse, gender concerns, racism, professional isolation, the stresses of divorce, mental or physical impairment, substance abuse, family problems, financial concerns, aging and retirement.

For further information, please write to Douglas H. Ingram, M.D.

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