Message from the President

Gerald P. Perman, MD, DLFAPA
AAPDP President (2018-2020)

Dear Fellow Academy Members,

I have been enjoying my two-year term as President of the AAPDPP, now more than half over. I have been hard at work—a labor of love—in support of Academy activities and initiatives, some of which are listed below.

1. I am pleased to announce the appointment of our new Academy Forum Editor, Ahron Friedberg, who maintains his role as Book Editor of our journal Psychodynamic Psychiatry. Dr. Friedberg has enthusiastically embraced his new job. Sarah Nobel graciously continues as Book and Film Editor of the Forum. Please support their work and the Academy by submitting your articles, and book and film reviews, to the Forum. 
2. The Committee for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis (CAP) gave a well-attended and stimulating panel on dreams at our recent San Francisco meeting. Drew Clemens is Chair of the CAP Steering Committee that will help organize presentations at our annual meetings and invite psychiatric residents as Laughlin Fellows to attend.
3. Douglas Ingram has continued to update his unique Psychiatrist WellBeing Project, which can be found on the Academy website. Doug put together a superb panel for the Opening Night presentation in San Francisco. Missing from the panel was Mims Cohen, whose narrative Doug read, and who has since lost her battle to terminal illness. Mims, former Editor of the Forum and a three-time Academy trustee, is the subject of an obituary by her husband, Barry, and is eulogized by a poem in this issue of the Forum.
4. We now have a “closed” Academy Facebook page that you can access by going to your Facebook account, click on “groups,” and then “AAPDPP.” This was created by Academy member Joseph (J.J.) Rasimas at my request to give the Academy a social media presence on the web. This will help make the Academy more engaging and attractive to younger members and offer an additional platform for interaction and discussion. We already have a Flickr page created and maintained by Scott Schwartz. The Facebook page will be administered and monitored by J.J. and Marie Westlake, Executive Assistant staff member. We may consider opening it to the larger public at a later date.
5. Sherry Katz-Bearnot continues to manage the Teichner Award teaching project (go to for details). A joint meeting between the Academy and OPIFER, the only psychoanalytic association in Europe that welcomes contributions from analysts of all psychoanalytic persuasions (Freudian, Neo-Freudian, Kleinian, relational, interpersonal, Jungian, Lacanian, etc.), organized by Past President Joan Tolchin, meets in Florence, Italy in October 2019. Recent Academy Past-President Jennifer Downey organized a well-received Academy panel at the 2019 APA meeting on the theme of Diversity Issues in Psychotherapy.
6. Richard Friedman, Jennifer Downey, Cesar Alfonso, and Ahron Friedberg continue to do a superb job with Psychodynamic Psychiatry. Our journal uniquely represents this new psychiatric specialty and remains true to the ideals of the founders of the Academy by letting go of debunked psychoanalytic shibboleths while embracing new scientific and biological developments. Psychodynamic Psychiatry also welcomes the submission of psychodynamic and psychoanalytic case material that follows necessary guidelines for publication. 
7. The Academy is represented at APA Council by Barry Fisher who has kept us updated with APA Action Items pertinent to the Academy. Long-time Academy member Eric Plakun is now in the important and prestigious role of APA Trustee.
8. I have recently recruited several new members to the Academy through my supervision of psychiatric residents at the George Washington and Howard University Medical Centers in Washington, D.C., as well as through the APA online Psychotherapy Caucus. I encourage you in your own recruitment efforts as well.
9. A warm welcome to all former American College of Psychoanalysts members into the Academy. Please participate in Academy meetings and contribute to our publications!

Finally, I am grateful to Academy Council members and Committee Chairs who volunteer their time and energy, and to Academy staff Ms. Jacquelyn Coleman and Ms. Marie Westlake, all of whom maintain the smooth and efficient functioning of the Academy. It seems like only yesterday that I took the reins from Past President Jennifer Downey, and yet I can now see President Elect Joanna Chambers, approaching in the distance, who will become the next Academy President at the end of the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia in April 2020. I hope to see each of our Academy members there and to make this the best-attended Annual Meeting in our history!

Please let me know what else I can do to serve you better during my remaining term as your President. Thank you.

Best wishes to all,

Gerald P. Perman, M.D.
President, American Academy

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